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Kate Bell

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Kate Bell

  • Kate Bell goes to Wollogong  Uni
  • She played Susie Home And Away
  • Kate also had a role in Powerangers

Here is an interview from MX

Mad Minute with Kate Bell--Actress

Strutting the beach in a string bikini, surfing the waves and plenty of wipeouts are all in a day's work for this star of Aussie teen drama Blue Water High...

Q. Do you have the best job-going to the beach everyday?

A.Yes.It really is a great job, getting to enjoy such fantastic scenery and and sunshine. I guess not many people get to spend their working week outdoors, paddling through surf.

Q.You come from Armidale. How's your surfing? Do you get a double or are you actually good?

A.I started the series with two weeks of intensive training before i began the role. So most of what you see is me, but, yes, i do have a double for all that cool big wave riding. I also had a double for this massive wipeout that happens later in the series. The wave she wiped out on was huge!

Q.How's the water temperature at this time of year? Do you have to pretend it's Summer while you're freezing to death?

A.Yes most definetely.Khan(Edge) and i spent a day together filming in the water when it was 15C. We were out there for six hours treading water, freezing our butts off. It was really hard that day, trying to concentrate and deliver lines especially when your shaking cold and slowly turning blue.

Q. Best and worst thing about surfing?

A.The best feeling is getting the hang of it. I'm not bvery good at surfing but when i got it right it felt awesome.The worst thing is whenis getting dumped. I've had some pretty wicked wipouts myself. I've been hit by board a few times coming off a wave.

Q. How do you handle fat days when you know you have to waltz around in your swimmers?

A.Not well. Ha ha ha. Nobody wants to wear a string bikini when they're feeling unattractive. I guess i just got over it. But it did take a while it did take a while before i felt comfortable performing in front of all the cast and crew in just my swimmers. You suddenly become aware.



Below is the interview with Kate just recently in K-Zone!!!



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