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Here are some articles about the stars!!



And where did they come from? Well, The Veronicas are identical twins from Australia, who've been livin in the US for a year now recording and rehearsing their butts off to be The Next Big Thing!

"It's pretty crazy," says Lisa. " We were just two girls from Brisbane doing our own thing- then we got signed, moved to L.A. and started going to recording sessions and meeting make-up artists,'s a lot of hard work, but it's a dream come true!"

"We've also been all around the world," adds Jess. " We got to go onn a big songwriting trip across Sweden, London,, Canada, America.. we wrote about 60 songs!"

But it's not all glamour and excitement on the long road to pop stardom. "We had to do a lot of performances to a lot of serious- looking record company people in boardrooms," says Lisa. " But having my sister with me the whole time is just the best- I seriously would have it no other way! Going solo was just never an option for either of us,"
"We'd be to scared to do it on our own!" says Jess.

The twins live together in a big old house with five boys- so is the house covered in smelly socks or what? " No the boys are really sweet," says Jess. "  We're always having parties and wondering whether the house is haunted or not it's pretty spooky in there sometimes!"

And speaking of parties, the girls are getting some invites that even Video Hits are getting jealous of! "Last night we went to our neighbour's party and the whole cast of The OC were there," says Jess. " And the other night we went to Elijah Wood's house and i got so starstruck! And he hugged me - it was crazy."

So what's it like living and working with your sister 24/7 anyway?

" People ask us things like that all the time," laughs Lisa, "and it's funny coz we've never never known anything different from being together all the time! We know people are gonna pay attention to the fact we are twins now that we are starting out but hopefully people will love us just as much for our music- and the 'double trouble' jokes will be over!"


This is an interview from Dolly with Indiana Evans!

Dolly: How did you get your big break?

Indi: For me it wasn't really a big break, but more of a progressive thing. I started out doing commercials and guest roles and then i landed a part in a children's tv series 'Snobs'. After that i had a chance to audition for Home And Away.

Dolly: Do you have any words of wisdom to crack the industry?

Indi: My advice would be to find a really good agent, have plenty of patience and be really determined. Absolutely no giving up!!!!!!

Dolly: What's the best part of being famous?

Indi: I get to meet some really cool people from the industry, andget invited to some really cool parties! I also like being recognised for something that i love doing- acting.

Dolly: What's the coolest fashion freebie you've got?

Indi: I was recently given a really nice top from fashionassasin and have been given some pretty cool jewellry form diva.

Dolly: what's going to be your next big fashion purchase?

Indi: I'm on the lookout for a long, warm coat for Winter, which will be perfect for filming on those long, cold days on Palm Beach, filming for Home and Away.

Dolly: Is there something that is always in your bag?

Indi: I love Lancome juicy tubes lip gloss. Mine is always, always in my bag.

Dolly: If you could invite five celebrities at a dinner party who would they be?

Indi: I would have to say Miranda otto and Cate Blanchett because i respect them both as actresses. Also missy Higgins and Joss Stone cause i really love their fresh sound.finally, hhhhhmmm, why not Elmo?

Dolly: Do you have any tips on dealing with fame?

Indi: Probably one of the most important things is stay grounded, but it's also helpful to have a thick skin, you'll need it!

Here is an article for Blue Water High from Sydney Morning Herald!

They are largely unknowns but the cast of the new television series Blue Water High is set to be watched by millions of viewers around the world.

The co-production between Germany and Australia, being shot on Sydney's northern beaches, will be unveiled to international television executives at the annual programming market MIPTV, to be held in Cannes in April.

Producer Southern Star expects the 26-part series about an elite surfing academy to sell well internationally.

Blue Water High, which will air on the ABC in May, stars rookie actors Tahyna Tozzi, Kate Bell, Sophie Luck, Mara Scherzinger, Khan Chittenden, Chris Foy and Adam Saunders as teenage surfers vying for a spot on the pro circuit.

They are working alongside established names such as Nadine Garner, All Saints' Martin Lynes and television veteran Liz Burch. With its backdrop of surf, sand and sun, Blue Water High is tipped to be Australia's next big television export, with France and Britain already expressing interest.

"All those poor Europeans stuck indoors in the middle of winter will lap it up," said Garner, who plays a sports psychologist on the series.

"It looks beautiful. It's idyllic. It's Australia the way Europeans imagine Australia to be: fit young people, surf, sand and an easygoing attitude to life in a country where anything is possible and you can live your dreams."

Fifteen-year-old German schoolgirl Scherzinger, who was picked from 100 teens to play Anna, believes the series will do well in her homeland of 80 million viewers.

"I reckon they will enjoy it because there is nothing like this in Germany," she said. "The beach and surfing and sunshine is quite different from what we see on German TV. In Germany there is not even any surf."

Blue Water High has been under way in locations on Sydney's northern beaches since October and shooting finishes next month.

It marks the return of teen drama to the ABC, which has been pursuing younger viewers with the introduction of the dedicated hour of viewing for 8- to 14-year-olds between 5pm and 6pm, under the RollerCoaster banner.

It is understood to be part of a long-term strategy to lure young viewers to the ABC, which traditionally attracts an older audience.

With the core cast aged 15 to 21, Blue Water High targets the young people the ABC wants to attract.

Tozzi, 18, is probably the most recognisable face of the drama, thanks to her modelling work and friendship with Olympic swimming champion Ian Thorpe.

The show marks Tozzi's leap from modelling to acting and she is thrilled about the international exposure she is about to receive.

"I'm only just starting out, so the fact that it will go internationally is a great bonus for me," she said.

The 18-year-old from Cronulla in Sydney's south grew up around the beach and was involved in surf lifesaving but admits she has struggled to master surfboard riding.

"We did a two-week intensive surfing course and we've all got the bug for it now - it's addictive," she said.

In Blue Water High Tozzi plays Perri, a "spoilt little rich girl" from the Gold Coast.

So far the hardest aspect of the show has been shooting surf scenes on days when the water temperature has dropped to 15 degrees.

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