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FBI Gals!

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Hey Everyone and welcome to F*B*I* Gals!!!
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30 June 2006
Guess what!! The Veronicas are going to have their REVOLUTION on sale July 4. Go to for more details....
The venues are :
Wollongong: WIN Entertainment Theatre, August 9
Newcastle: August 8, Newcastle Entertainment Centre
Sydney: Luna Park, August 10
Blue Water High has kicked off with a good start...... It should be good...just go to BLUE WATER HIGH page for more details....
I have taken some of the pics from the Home and Away site and made them groovier and added them to Pictures of all the Stars.......
Mark Furze and Kate are doing well in It Takes Two.
Please remind your friends to visit this site!!!!



F*antastic B*eautiful I*ntelligent Gals