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The Veronicas
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This is the address i have got hold of, but it's not a guaranteed reply...
You can write to The Veronicas at:




Some interesting information:

  • The Veronicas went to Wavell State High School in Brisbane
  • Jess is allergic to bunnies
  • The both of them are allergic to cats

The Veronicas were on Rove Live on Anzac Day….25th of April 2006.

Here I have included a few key points in the interview.

The Veronicas enter waving and smiling happily.

Rove invites them to sit on the couch and Lisa happily picks out an M&M from the goodies bowl on Rove’s table.

Jess happily does the same.

One thing they talked about was how they got pumped before they went on stage. The Veronicas chant a special word for the day with the usual bits.

For example if the word was FOREVER it would go; “Veronicas, Veronicas, Vegemite, Forever, Rock!”

They commented about Archie Comics not being happy about their band name, and Jess said that they were “stoked that Archie Comics was talking to them”. Rove had a copy of the comics and Jess sees the picture of them and automatically says” See I’m the hot one and that one’s the ugly one”.

Rove asked a series of questions, here are their replies:

The evil twin: Jess

Messiest: Hands-down Jess!!

Smartest: Lisa replies “herself” but then they say both

Laziest: Both

Unco twin: both

Most annoying habit: Lisa! Stealing Jess’ clothes and not returning them

The girls have spent 11/2 years in LA.

Jess and Lisa have been singing since they were five and Lisa said that one of the first songs they sang was “I have a lovely bunch of Coconuts!”

The girls appeared in Cybergirl…. Jess describing their characters: “We played snobby, bitchy twins. Am I allowed to say bitchy?” The Veronicas were embarrassed when Rove showed a clip of Cybergirl. I do have pictures of them but I feel guilty putting them up on the net. They were excited about Cybergirl when they were younger because they got to miss eight months off school…Sound familiar?=P

The Veronicas go out in public in their PAJAMAS!! They buy their tracky dacks from Best and Less.




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Jess and Lisa  are The Veronicas!!
Jessica and Lisa Origlasso were in "Cybergirl" in 2001!
Jess was ~Emerald and Lisa was~Sapphire
Their birthday is on the 25th of December 1985!
Their parents are Colleen and Joseph!











Above are pics of Jess' tattoos and a pic of the Veronicas' house in LA!
Check out the TV Hits article ..Click Articles
The Veronicas are the Brand Spankin' New Artiste of the Year winning at the AVMAs just a couple of days ago!!!!
They also won BEST CLIP OF THE YEAR!!!!!
They were totally stoked to win:PP
Jess and Lisa used to be part of a band called Teal.
Born to Italian parents Colleen and Joseph, these gorgeous girls have rocked Australia and the US!!!!!
Local talent from Bris- vegas is now WORLDWIDE!!!!!!!
The Veronicas-- Jess and Lisa are not that hard to tell apart once you know which is which: Jess has two tatoos one on her hand and one on her back. Jess is taller by an inch and it is Lisa currently who has streaks in her hair. Jess also has a nose and a new mouth piercing!
Lisa is the younger twin.
Here  are pics of Ryan and Lisa
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Check out their official website at:
Another wicked site is:




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