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Girl TV
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Girl TV are hitting the screen again!!


I havent heard about Girl TV in a long time now and i am thinking about closing this page down, if you agree please contact me,
Chrissie Rose and Juliette Harkness have been on Blue Water High year.
Juliette plays Laurel
Chrissie plays Jane
I will put their storylines below.

THis link will bring you to the official website!

Jane is a new girl at Blue Water High. Heath automatically likes her at first sight. Heath and Jane meet each other at the beach, Fly sees them and gets jealous. Jane then invites Heath to go to her place to watch Pride and Prejudice. At the end of the movie Jane questions Heath about 'pride'. Near the end of the show, Heath discovers Jane has a boyf! She introduces him to Heath and her boyf is a total nerd!
Laurel comes to Blue Water High. Heath and Matt see her and start trying to prove themselves to her. It becomes a major showdown. Laurel does seem to tend to like Matt though.
Next ep, Laurel is screaming for help because her friend drowns....


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