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Exclusive cool Aussie Guys!

Mark Furze is in It Takes Two so i have added his bography from the site!

Mark Furze - Biography


Mark Furze is best known as bad boy Ric Dalby in HOME AND AWAY. Born and raised in Orange, Mark moved to Sydney to take up this, his most substantial role to date.

Mark developed a taste for drama through school musicals. “I have always been interested in drama and throughout school was always a part of every production. I liked the idea of acting and have just gone for it,” he says.

“I’ve always thought of myself as musical,” Mark admits, “but my singing does need a lot of tweaking!”

“IT TAKES TWO is a great opportunity for me to further my singing.”

Mark has recently joined a classic metal band as a guitarist. Although Mark listens to everything he prefers both heavy metal and jazz.

Mark first started acting in various productions at Orange Theatre Company including 'Oliver!', which he played aged 10, alongside his Dad, who co-starred as Fagan.

Mark first appeared on television at age 14 in the kids’ TV series 'Outriders'. This was his first break into television, after he was discovered at a school musical by the casting agent’s mother. Mark auditioned not knowing anything about the production and got the part of Jake, the nerd.

For more on Mark, head to the HOME AND AWAY website.

Mark proudly supports The Asthma Foundation

Here is Mark Furze in a MX interview-- Thursday May 4 2006


The Mad Minute with Mark Furze (actor)


The realisation that he’ll never cross paths with Jessica Alba while working on the set of Home and Away could be the spur that moves Mark Furze on to his next starring role.

Are you a heart breaker in real life like your character on Home and Away?

Nah, I’m not but we have the same shoe size.


How much say do you have on what Ric says and does once you read the script?

I change the odd word to make it seem more natural. The writers don’t mind at all.


How good are you at remembering your lines?

It takes about two or three read-throughs.


Will Home and Away ever have a Winter season?

Well, we had a cyclone, we could have a blizzard, but a Winter is a good idea.


Are any of your fans particularly annoying?

There’s someone who writes to me every week and it must be in code because it’s damn hard work deciphering the handwriting.


What type of scenes do you find difficult to film?

I hate the scenes with heaps of cast members, like a party or a wedding. They end up looking great but shooting takes ages and we just have to stand there all day in the back of shot while Ada(Leah) usually does her scenes.


What’s you favourite item in your wardrobe and why?

An old, faded Iron Maiden t-shirt. It’s got all the versions of their mascot Eddie on it and I like it because Iron Maiden are brilliant!


What are your future plans for Summer Bay? Do you want to be the longest serving Home and Away cast member?

Nah, I’ll move on I think. After all, Jessica Alba isn’t going to come to me while I’m here.


When not on camera, how do you relax?

I take lots of naps and have cups of tea. I really like drinking tea.



Here i'll try add more goss!


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